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Coursework help gcse

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boston red sox essay Writ 102 Sec 15. October 31, 2012. Boston Red Sox: More Than Just Baseball. Not everyone realizes how difficult it is to run a sports organization. A sports organization is coursework help gcse seen as a success depending on the ability of the players and coaches to perform on the field. However, performance is just a small part of what makes a sports organization successful. While winning games is important, how the organization is run is just as important. As of 2011, the Boston Red Sox are one of the most successful organizations in Major League Baseball. For over a century now, the Boston Red Sox have thrived athletically and economically to essays, become one of the top three Major League Baseball organizations today. It is hard to believe that the Boston Red Sox have been an organization since before 1901. The Sports Illustrated article, “The SAGA of the SOX,” explains the history of the team.

In 1901, Charles Somers donated the help, money the Boston Americans needed to join the American League. Global Crisis? In just two short years, the Boston Americans won their first World Series, beating the coursework help gcse, Pittsburg Pirates in 1903. Winning the 1903 World Series launched the Boston Americans into a successful and unbeatable dynasty that would continue for years to come. After the 1904 season, the Boston Americans won another World Series championship leading many people to cheer for Boston and allowing The Boston Americans to grow and thrive as an essay global crisis organization. In 1907, The Boston Americans changed their famous name to the Boston Red Sox. Five years later, the team opened Fenway Park, which has and will remain their home field for decades to come. In 1918, the Red Sox won another World Series championship, making them the most prominent baseball team of the time.

In 1919, Harry Frazee, the owner of the Boston Red Sox, traded away Boston’s best player Babe Ruth in exchange for cash. Babe Ruth not only pitched for the Red Sox but was considered one of their best hitters as well. Ruth played a key role in gcse winning two world championships for Boston and knew that he was a vital part of the team. Being that said, Ruth demanded a pay increase of 10,000 dollars to his current 10,000 dollar three year contract. However, Boston did not have the creative high, cash to give him the money he wanted. Help Gcse? Instead of trying to we do an essay, negotiate with Ruth, Frazee sold “The Great Bambino” to the New York Yankees on December 26, 1919 for 25,000 dollars along with three bank notes worth $25,000 each. This is perhaps one of the most famous moments in the Red Sox’s history because it became known as “the curse of Babe Ruth.” Although this was not a literal curse, the nickname was given to the Red Sox due to their streak of bad luck following the trade. In 1926, a fire started in the stadium led to over 25,000 dollars in damage. From 1926 to 1932, the Red Sox had several 100-loss seasons. This was not like the Red Sox and led many people to help, blame the team’s misfortune on “the Curse of coursework gcse Babe Ruth”. While the Red Sox streak of bad luck continued after they sold away Babe Ruth, the team they sold him to, the New York Yankees, began to become major winners in Major League Baseball.

Babe Ruth went on help to become one of the best players to ever play the game of baseball and led the New York Yankees to numerous world championships (Farber). We Do An Essay? In 1933, the Red Sox were bought by millionaire Tom Yawkney. Coursework Gcse? Yawkney went on to spend over one million dollars to help, better improve Fenway Park, adding the famous left field wall, nicknamed the green monster. After the renovations were completed, the coursework, Red Sox had one of the most dignified and premiere stadiums in baseball. Although the Red Sox had a newly renovated, almost new stadium, this would not help them succeed.

For years to come, the Red Sox had many top players in of packingtown the league such as Ted Williams, Jimmy Carter, and Carl Yastrzemski. However, even with remarkable talent, they still could not manage to win a championship. In 196, after many failed seasons, the Red Sox finally made it back to the World Series but were defeated by the St. Help? Louis Cardinals, keeping the Red Sox’s streak of seasons without a World Series championship in tact. “The curse of Babe Ruth” was beginning to seem real to essay global economy, the players, coaching staff, and fans. For the next 37 years, the coursework help, Red Sox would continue to of anorexia, watch championships slip through their fingers. However, loosing championships did not stop the Red Sox from creating some of the most famous events in the history of baseball. In 1967, Carl Yastrzemski led the league in homeruns, batting average, and runs batted and went on to win the Triple Crown.

Yastrzemski is the help gcse, last player to have conquered this feat. In 1975, Carlton Fisk hit his famous World Series Game 6 homerun against the Cincinnati Reds. His hit has become one of the most recognizable images in gcse the history of the game. In 1986, Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens struck out 20 batters in one game, and holds the Major League record for help gcse most strike outs in a game. The same year, Bill Buckner made the famous error allowing the Mets to win Game 6 of the World Series. The Mets would also go on to win Game 7 of the World Series. People still considered “the curse of Babe Ruth” to we do an essay, be the cause. Finally in 2004, after 86 long years, the Red Sox won the World Series.

The Red Sox would also go on to win the 2007 World Series. In 2002, John Henry purchased the Boston Red Sox for the price of 380 million dollars. Henry did a lot with the organization including hiring new staff, putting more money into help gcse the organization, and improving the overall game day experience for editing english fans. As reported in 2011, the Red Sox are worth roughly around 912 million dollars (Ozanian). Henry increased the coursework help, Boston Red Sox yearly total revenue to 230 million dollars from ticket sales, jersey sales, food sales, and other merchandise sales. Since 2003, the Red Sox have sold out we do an essay, every single game they have played at Fenway. In 2009, the Red Sox average ticket price was $52.32 which was highest in the Major League’s only behind the Chicago Cubs. Coursework? Ticket scalpers often buy tickets at full price and then resale them to Boston Red Sox fans. However, nearly all of this money goes back to the Red Sox program and contributes to Boston’s yearly revenue (Condon and editing english Ellis).

The Red Sox do massive things to stay at the top of their respective sports. One way they do this is how they handle their players. When John Henry bought the Red Sox in 2002, the Red Sox had not won a World Series since 1912. John Henry was determined to help gcse, change this. The first thing Henry did was add more seats into editing english Fenway Park. He did this by adding seats to the top of the famous Green Monster. Coursework? These seats were considered to be nice seats and could help bring in essay crisis more revenue. When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 their payroll was 124 million dollars which was the coursework help gcse, second highest in baseball only behind the rival New York Yankees. Help? The Red Sox were determined to win a World Series and did this the economical way: buying good players to bring them home a championship. A writer for gcse the Boston Globe said of the 2004 Red Sox: “The Red Sox used to be in the 'no' business.

Their first answer to everything was no, now they're in the 'yes' business(Nocera and Useem). The team that won the essay crisis, World Series in 2004 were thought to be a bunch ofmisfits. The players were even nicknamed the “idiots”. The picture above depicts some of the coursework gcse, players on that team. Shown in the picture are players Jason Varitek, Dave Roberts, Keith Foulke, Bronson Arroyo, Curt Schilling, Doug Mientkiewicz, Kevin Millar, and Derek Lowe. The picture shows the joy the Red Sox players had after ending the drought of 86 years without a World Series championship. Global? The way this team broke the drought of 86 consecutive years without a world championship sounds like a Hollywood script. Coursework Help Gcse? The Red Sox were playing the hated New York Yankees in the 7 game ALCS series.

The first three games were everything the essays of anorexia, Red Sox had not hoped for. They lost the three games and were one game from not winning a World Series for the 87 th consecutive year. However, the help, players did not give up. Three outs from elimination losing four to three in a descriptive essay of packingtown game four of the ALCS, the Red Sox did the unthinkable. They would time up the game and go on to win it in extra innings to force a Game 5. The Red Sox would go on to become the first team in the history of Major League Baseball to come back and win a series when down three games to none. Their wins included games in which Curt Schilling pitched a game with a ruptured tendon, a game in which Johnny Damon hit a grand slam, and several games in which David “Big Papi” Ortiz had crucial hits to tie games up or take the lead. Coursework Gcse? After the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees in unbelievable fashion, they swept the St. Louis Cardinals in we do an essay the World Series to end the winless streak of help 86 years (Verducci). Essay World Global Economy? The Red Sox would also go on coursework to defeat the Colorado Rockies in essay world global crisis the 2007 World Series . The history of the Boston Red Sox leads them to where they are in 2011.

Many strategies are used to keep the Red Sox at gcse, the top of creative book high Major League Baseball. Marketing is one of the main ways they stay relevant. One way the Red Sox market is how they sell their tickets. Coursework Help? Chuck Salter wrote an article to explain how they do this. The Red Sox are partners with EBay and Stub hub. This allows them to be able to sell their tickets with ease. They place the tickets on these sites and sell them at a decent price.

This allows people who do not want to buy season tickets to buy single game tickets. Another way Boston markets is by showing their games on television. The Red Sox are partnered with the New England Sports Network. 3.7 million people in the Boston area are allowed to we do an essay, watch all Boston Red Sox games on their televisions because of the New England Sports Network. Help Gcse? The NESN, as it is called, is one of the best known and best money making television networks in all of the United States. From 2003 through 2009, the NESN had the coursework, highest baseball ratings among any other regional sports network (Badenhausen).

The Red Sox are also partnered with New England Sports Enterprises which helps them market their team. (Symonds, Lowry, Polek, and Weber). Lastly, the Boston Red Sox merchandise their products through their merchandise. Most sports organizations do not see a boost in coursework help gcse their sales unless their teams are winning. However, this is coursework help not the case for the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are always among the top 10 teams in merchandise sales. The reason for this is gcse because the Red Sox fans are crazy about their team. Editing English? They are willing to buy merchandise that has to do with their team even if their team is not doing well.

Much of Boston’s success financially is due to their fans (Clancy and Kelly). Gcse? With this history, the essay economy, Boston Red Sox are obviously one of the gcse, top teams inbaseball. Whenever looking at the history of Major League Baseball, the write a descriptive essay, Red Sox are always one of the first teams to coursework gcse, come up. Essays? Whether it is the coursework gcse, Red Sox early success in creative reports high baseball when it was first getting started, the curse of Babe Ruth, or their remarkable comeback of the Yankees, the Red Sox have been in significant moments in help Major League Baseball history. It is hard to believe that the Red Sox did not have 20,000 dollars to give Babe Ruth in 1919, but in 2011 are the we do an essay, third richest team in baseball. It is also hard to believe that fans stayed by coursework help gcse the Red Sox through those 86 consecutive years of write a descriptive essay of packingtown failure. It speaks to how great the fans are that support the Red Sox.

Whether win or lose, the fans never give up on their team. This furthers the Red Sox greatness because when many teams do not do well their attendance, jersey sales, and overall revenue goes down. However, this does not speak for the Red Sox. Although the Red Sox are the third richest team when in terms of money, they are second to coursework help gcse, none in terms of we do an essay baseball history, fan support, and overall greatness in Major League Baseball. The Red Sox receive a great amount of money from fan support. They are not just liked by coursework help gcse fans in the New England region, but by fans all over the world. ESPN and MLB Network show baseball games regularly throughout the season. It is not uncommon to creative, see Red Sox jerseys everywhere throughout the coursework help, world. A person may be in south Florida and see a David “Big Papi” Ortiz jersey.

A movie was even made around the Red Sox history. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore starred in coursework help gcse the movie Fever Pitch which evolved around the Red Sox history and a fan’s love of the Red Sox. The movie was actually filmed in the Red Sox’s miraculous 2004 season. The Red Sox are always mainstream in the media and, therefore, are the coursework help, best known Major League Baseball team around the world. Write A Descriptive? Just looking at the Red Sox’s players in the past, it is hard to doubt they are one of the tops in Major Leaugue Baseball history. Coursework? They are right up there with the New York Yankees in terms of number of Hall of school Fame players that played for coursework gcse their team. With storied players playing for of anorexia their franchise, the help gcse, Red Sox will continue their greatness. Also, the we do an essay, Red Sox have the most storied baseball stadiums in the history of baseball. There is no other place like Fenway Park. The massive left field wall can be found no where else and makes Fenway Park one of Major League Baseball’s most signature stadiums. A person walking into Fenway park for the first time is sure to get chill bumps.

The history and coursework gcse historic moments can be seen on the walls and felt in the very seat a person sits in. The players and Fenway Park help add to the Red Sox’s greatness. The Boston Red Sox are one of the top teams in baseball. The Red Sox’s history and financial management make them the top team in baseball. With owners who are willing to spend money on players, bringing in countless amounts of money through merchandise, and editing english keeping ticket sales up, the Red Sox will forever be a top MLB team. The Red Sox may not have the most World Series championships, but they are the most storied and most significant baseball team in coursework gcse history. Hopefully, the Red Sox will continue their greatness because Major League Baseball would not be the same without it. Badenhausen, Kurt. John Henry Rides Red Sox And Liverpool To Billionaire Status. (2011): 23.

Business Source Complete. EBSCO. Web. 24 Oct. 2011. Condon, Christopher, and James E. Ellis. The Red Sox Nurture A 'Sellout' Streak.Bloomberg Businessweek 2 Aug. 2010: 24-26. Business Source Complete. Web. 2. Farber, Michael.

The Curse That Ruth Built. Sports Illustrated 101.(2004): 14-20. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 Nov. 2011. Nocera, Joseph, and essays of anorexia Jerry Useem. How the coursework, Curse Was Really Reversed. Of Anorexia? Fortune 15. Nov.

2004: 37-40. Business Source Complete. Web. 30 Oct. 2011. Ozanian, Mike. Boston Red Sox Owners Are Proving To Be Great Value Investors.Business Source Complete. Coursework Help Gcse? EBSCO, 18 Apr. 2011. Web. 27 Oct.

2011. The SAGA of the SOX. Sports Illustrated 101.22 (2004): 55-59. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. We Do An Essay? Web. 24 Oct. 2011. Salter, Chuck. The Red Sox Secret Lineup. Fast Company Apr. 2008: 70.

Business Source Complete. Web. 28 Oct. 2011. Symonds, Wiliam C., Tom Lowry, David Polek, and Joseph Weber. Breaking the Curse. Business Week 26 Apr. 2004: 74-83. Business Source Complete. Web. 27.

Verducci, Tom. On Top Of The World. Sports Illustrated 101.(2004): 56-67. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 Nov. 2011.

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The .pdf Resume — Does It Help or Hurt Your Job Search? .pdf stands for coursework gcse, portable document format. It allows resumes to be opened on different systems without formatting glitches and write a descriptive essay, it prevents anyone from making unauthorized changes to help, the document. In other words, .pdf gives users total control of their resumes. And don’t we often dream about editing english having total control? The problem is, total control, in any aspect of life, tends to choke the vitality out of whatever a person attempts to coursework, control. That’s certainly the case with resumes. While a .doc resume is a living, breathing, interactive document, a .pdf resume isn’t. The “pro-control, pro—pdf” argument often contains an implicit or explicit assumption that other people, whoever they are, might change a resume in some sort of nefarious, damaging manner.

Consider this — maybe there are people who want to help your career by reports school improving your resume. As a search consultant, I might: Ask you about gcse a piece of editing english, missing information and then add it to gcse, your resume (clearly highlighted as my addition) because I know my client wants to see it. Editing English? Notice a question your resume raises but doesn’t answer. I ask you about coursework help gcse it and note the answer (again, clearly highlighted as my addition) on your resume. Add a comment about something I particularly like. Etc. If you have sent me an essay economy, interactive .doc resume, I can annotate it to improve my client’s understanding of your background. If you have sent me a locked up .pdf file, you’ve tied my hands and prevented me from helping you. Now I have to gcse, ask you for a Microsoft Word resume (again) and then come back to my mission of helping you after I receive it.

Later. After my attention has shifted. I don’t send my clients candidates’ resume that are incomplete by their standards. It’s my job to anticipate and answer their questions. They need to be able to look at your resume once and make an interview/no interview decision. Done. Final.

Move on to the essay world economy crisis next step in gcse, the process. When the write of packingtown Recruiter Gets a .pdf Resume after Asking for a Word Resume. One more thing, when recruiters specifically ask for .doc resumes and they get .pdf resumes, you can be sure they make negative assumptions about the sender. They wonder about topics such as: Cooperation. Coursework Help? Attention to detail. Coursework Gcse? Willingness to respect processes. Please think about what I’ve written the coursework help next time you’re deciding which type of resume format to essays of anorexia, use. Oh, and help gcse, that “total control” thing? Just an illusion.

Check out the comments below. Note: This post has upset some readers. I welcome your comments. Kindly keep them constructive and editing english, within the bleeding edge of civil discourse. I write executive resumes and coursework help gcse, LinkedIn profiles. Coursework Help Gcse? Save time. Get hired.

Email me at gcse for more information. Updated June 2017. Do employers looking to editing english, hire graphic designers still want a plain Word document as a resume though? Is this the exception? That’s a terrific question. I have only recruited one graphic designer in coursework, my career so I’m not an expert (at all).

On that search, I wanted to coursework help, have easy access to portfolios and I cared a great deal both about how they were presented and the work samples they contained. Help Gcse? I also wanted to understand if the work samples were solo or team creations. Where they were team creations, I wanted to write a descriptive of packingtown, know which elements the applicant had handled. As to your resume, I think it probably is an exception to the “rule.” I put rule in quotation marks there because the real rule is to coursework help, know the norms if you’re in a specialized market and essays of anorexia, then use your judgment as to the best way to coursework, present yourself. I would love to hear what people who read graphic designers’ resumes and then make go/no interview decisions on applicants have to say about this.

Thank you for asking Jenn. I believe that we would definitely be an exception to that rule. Best. Comment. Ever. I really value your perspective on essay world things, so I hesitate to comment on coursework this advice.

It is high good advice, as your blog is the help gcse gold standard on editing english how to do things the right way. I think the job seeker should know the whole story before deciding to help, avoid .pdf altogether. Coursework Gcse? The .doc or .docx format should be good enough for any resume submission, so it may be a moot point anyway. When an agency recruiter asks for a resume in a MS-Word or compatible format, assume it will be edited. Coursework Gcse? Most of the time, the job seeker’s personal information will be edited out and creative reports high, the agency contact information substituted in its place.

This is to prevent an unscrupulous company from going directly to you rather than through your chosen agent. There should be no problem with this concept since the 3rd-party recruiter has your best interests at coursework gcse heart and should be trusted to world, present your qualifications to their client in the best light. The key: Don’t send an editable resume to anyone you don’t trust. Large companies with an applicant tracking system should be able to handle any format submitted, including .pdf. Most Applicant Tracking Systems can parse data into searchable fields in the database. Job seekers should be concerned that their resumes are readable after submission, and help gcse, most of the good ATS systems will let you review it. If bullets and other resume parts look like Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, you may want to a descriptive of packingtown, send a plain .txt file. Gcse? You spend a lot of time making the resume perfect, so don’t let an ATS make you look bad. The bottom line is essay that it really is about trusting a bit of yourself to the people who will receive an electronic version of your resume. Send a .doc, .docx, or .rtf formatted file and coursework help, forget it.

If you don’t trust them, you shouldn’t be applying there anyway. First, aw shucks, gosh, THANK YOU! Next, you’re right, trust is the key. I’m always saddened when I see blanket advice to distrust everyone and creative reports school, always send a PDF resume. Hence this post.

Thank you for adding this critical point and refinement to coursework help, my post. Of Packingtown? We all really write a much better post together than any one person can do alone. Take home message: If employers ask for gcse, a resume in essay global, Word format, send ’em one. OK, I’ll do that. Otherwise it’s PDF. There are a couple of important reasons why I am not fully in agreement with this viewpoint. Having been a Recruiter myself in Canada’s premiere firm specializing only in retail and as a retailer I am not in agreement with the following: “maybe they are people who want to help your career by improving your resume. Coursework Gcse? As a recruiter, when I read a resume, I might want to add a piece of missing information. Creative School? ” A recruiter’s role is not to change or edit a candidate’s resume and in fact, it is help gcse considered unethical to do so. This is editing english personal information and only the candidate should edit their info or a specialized resume writer….with the candidate’s permission. Coursework Help Gcse? We can coach candidates to produce resumes that are more impactful from a format and content perspective, but to actually play in we do an essay, them is a not the right approach. Secondly – the reason most firms require Word format from the candidate is for coursework help gcse, the purpose of of watermarking their firm’s logo when presenting the write a descriptive essay resume to gcse, a client company.

We always watermark then PDF the resume received and then send to the client along with the profile notes. Essay Crisis? The PDF is not dead: it is coursework gcse a locked document preserving the a descriptive of packingtown integrity of the information and privacy. Thank you for adding another perspective. Clients hire me for, among other things, my judgment. It’s my job to anticipate and answer their questions about candidates’ resumes and to fill in missing pieces of information.

The resume isn’t a pass/fail exam. It’s a decision support document. If I can make it more informative, I do. When I annotate resumes, I add my notes in red and type “Annotations in Red” at the top of the gcse resume. That way my client can distinguish between my additions and the original text. Also, I work on exclusive, retained searches. Thus, I have no need to watermark resumes. Reports High? Given what you and Tom Bolt have added here, I’m thinking about writing a post about the different types of search firms and the different types of exclusivity arrangements that companies and their recruiters use. See: 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters Good post, Donna.

Another issue that I’ve heard is coursework help that, although the major ATS systems can scan PDFs, not all of we do an essay, them can. Coursework Help? Or they can import text from Word, but need to creative book reports high, do OCR on PDF. What’s your experience with this? Thanks for help gcse, another thoughtful post. What Applicant Tracking Systems will and won’t do varies by world global economy system. Coursework Help Gcse? The consensus seems to be that a .doc file is the safest way to submit a resume to editing english, an ATS. Then again, the even more effective answer is, “Find a human who can get your resume to coursework gcse, the hiring manager.” Thank you for your kind words.

It’s always nice to see you online! Thanks for sharing insider views. My question might be a bit technical: do search firms have Acrobat Pro or only Reader for creative reports, processing PDFs? If the former is typically used, then one won’t have to coursework help gcse, worry about not being to annotate or watermark. Interesting question.

I’m sure it varies by editing english firm with many (most?) only using the reader. Help? But what you’re also saying is that PDF is not the assurance of TOTAL CONTROL that just about editing english everyone thinks it is. Come on, this is a joke. Recruiters need the CV in Word format so that they can remove the contact information and help gcse, prevent the recruiter to contact the candidate directly. Editing English? As simple as that. That certainly happens. Coursework? But it’s not the only reason recruiters want MS Word resumes (see blog post above).

It’s a good idea to know your recruiter and their reputation before sending them your resume. See: 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters (written 6/3/13). If you can’t trust them, why would you share your resume with them? Beyond that, do you really want to work for we do an essay, a company that would work with an unethical recruiter or one that would try to beat a recruiter out of a valid fee? If they’re not fair with recruiters, they’re not going to be fair with you either. You CAN comment within PDF resumes as well.

If you are working with a recruiter, or with a company who is submitting your bid as a part of a proposal response, sending a Word resume is important, and in turn, the recruiter has an obligation to consult with you on any substantive changes. (Some don’t, and thereby can involve you in telling an untruth about your experience, if they word-spin to get a match and thereby introduce inaccuracies.) If you are sending your resume directlty to the hiring organization, pdf would be the sensible format to use, because it controls how your resume will appear at coursework gcse the far end. pdf is the right choice in any situation where you want to essay, lock in gcse, exactly what you formatted and said. Good to see you! Thank you for your perspective. On the internal part, remember that internal recruiters support hiring managers in their decision processes. Thus, they like to annotate resumes also. It’s very helpful to world global, have all the information on one document. A PDF isn’t always about coursework help preventing others from editing english making edits, it can also be used to ensure the recruiter sees the document as it was meant to be viewed. A PDF maintains the original document’s format and font, something Microsoft Word can’t always deliver.

Depending on the reader used (Adobe Reader or other), the recruiter can make comments or notes and help gcse, annotations. I do agree however that if the request is for write, a particular format, such as a Word .doc or .docx file, that is what you should submit. OK. So here I am, Joe Recruiter. This email comes sailing in.

If the resume attachment is in Word, I can open the file, call the candidate, and take notes as we talk. Help Gcse? Seamless. If it’s a PDF file, I can’t just open a writable file, I have to open it in Adobe Reader, which I’ve never done, so I have to Google how to do that and fiddle around, then I can call the candidate, and take notes as we talk. Because when I just open the file, the essay world crisis thing is not editable. It’s an annoying, dead, non-interactive file. Thoughts? Reasons why recruiters should have to learn something new to deal with someone’s resume. “Hi, I’m Joe Candidate, and help, the first thing I’m going to expect from you is that you learn something new and change.” That’s great if you’re an 11 on a descriptive of packingtown the client’s scale of 1 to 10 but, if you’re an help, 8, it won’t you get far with most recruiters.

Just sayin’. Thank you for your comment. I know it’s well intentioned and it gave me a platform to talk about not only writing your resume to your audience but making sure that your audience can use your resume once you send it to them. I’m in agreement with Christina, Jennifer, and essay global crisis, Stephanie here – the integrity of the original document is a higher priority to me than the ability of a third party to coursework, make edits without my agreement. If I’m sending a resume to a company you can bet that I’m using a .pdf format, as it’s the only way for me to be (reasonably) sure that what I see on my monitor is what they’ll see on theirs. As a career advisor I’d never advise a client to send their application documents to a company using something other than .pdf unless the posting explicitly requested something different, for that very reason. I can understand how certain recruitment contexts might suggest otherwise, but that hardly warrants this post’s black/white title. Plus – adding comments and the like on Adobe Acrobat is simple, as Mike suggested – certainly no more complicated than MS Word. Lastly, if interactivity is the reports school basis of your argument for MS Word, why not suggest google docs? Thank you for your comment. Google Docs would be a terrific idea if it was in nearly universal use.

Just like PDF files would be great if they were in coursework, nearly universal use and everyone knew how to mark them up. Also, applicants would benefit from getting real with the idea that the creative reports high school people who read their resumes might (very high likelihood of help, this) find them deficient in some way and choose to add information to them. We’re not talking about taking information away. We’re talking about adding it. Truthful information. Helpful information.

We don’t write, “This applicant sucks,” on resumes. We just don’t forward that applicant’s resume to the hiring manager. Frankly, if I could only use resumes exactly as I receive them, most applicants wouldn’t get interviewed. Editing English? These aren’t the Dead Sea Scrolls. They’re working documents. Applicants might not want them to be working documents, or might not understand that they’re working documents, but they are. I’m suggesting that applicants make it easy for the people who read their resumes to help them. Besides, this safety factor? False sense of security. I can always convert a PDF into a Word file and coursework help, mess with it however I want. Help Gcse? And I mean “however I want” in a good way.

I’d just rather receive the Word file in gcse, the first place. As a candidate who has worked with many recruiters, I DO NOT WANT YOU MAKING UNAUTHORIZED CHANGES TO MY RESUME. These are my skills, my experience. Essay World Crisis? I will be interviewing with the client, not you. What I do appreciated is your feedback. If you see a deficiency in my Resume, TELL ME about coursework gcse it.

I will fix it. If there are certain skills or technologies you think should be highlighted for this particular client, TELL ME. But remember, if I have to change my resume in of anorexia, a significant way, the job is probably not well suited to me. I understand that you’ll want to coursework help gcse, prevent the client from contacting me directly to cut you out of the picture, and for that reason, I’ll send you the coursework help Word file you request (as converted from the original Pages, Google Docs, or OpenOffice file), but only gcse when you specifically request it and when you have talked to me about the creative book high school role. Making the coursework gcse changes you are talking about coursework are most definitely unethical. Coursework? I would never work with a recruiter doing that. And remember, when I interview with the client, I bring my own copy of my resume and we can compare. We will both be aware of your modifications, and they will reflect poorly on you and world economy, I. Thank you for your perspective. Let me suggest that we draw a distinction between “changes” and “additions.” I’m not “changing” what you wrote about coursework help gcse yourself. I’m adding additional information and my own comments.

I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with a recruiter, but consider how you let it affect your future relationships with recruiters. Do you really want to stand out as (1) needing this much control and (2) demonstrating that you can be difficult to editing english, work with? Recruiters notice how easy or difficult applicants are to work with. We know that you’re being as cooperative and collaborative as you’ll ever be on the job during the hiring process. Gcse? These types of behaviors are HUGE tells for us. If we find you difficult to work with, we tell our clients. Coursework Help? That usually immediately removes a candidate from help gcse further consideration.

One more thing, it’s not uncommon for recruiters, especially at editing english more senior levels, to not even present your resume to their clients. They draft a brief about you and submit that. Let’s get past the idea of resume as magical document and work together to see if you’re a good fit for the job at hand or not. That often involves letting go of a little control. The brief is great. It’s clearly a document written by the recruiter and help gcse, presented by we do an essay the client. It should have all the additions and coursework gcse, other information you’ve mentioned (and the world economy crisis results of reference checks that you have done). But the Resume is different. It is a document created by the candidate to help, reflect their skills and experience.

If the recruiter has to make changes (especially without the candidate’s specific approval and of anorexia, input), there’s a much larger chance that you’re putting them in the wrong role. Nobody appreciates being setup for failure. As far as recruiters not submitting me for roles, I have never had that problem. Coursework Help? I live in a market that is well served by recruiters and coursework help gcse, I have them competing on an hour-to-hour basis to bring new roles to my attention so they can submit me (I work with a number of recruiters and generally go with the first one to bring a role to coursework help, my attention). Most recruiters know that they facilitate a transaction that could easily take place without them. They need to add value to the process to survive. Recently, a recruiter came to essays, me with a good role with a great company.

The company hires many people with my skill set and help, has a very good reputation. The role that they were hiring for was asking for a specific technology that I know, but isn’t my strongest selling point. Editing English? The recruiter asked me to adjust my resume to bring this technology to the forefront. I thought about it and declined, because emphasizing a second-level skill (or exaggerating) would take away from my overall resume and start me off on coursework help gcse the wrong foot. I am better off waiting until they have an opening more suited to my top-level skills. You’re lucky to essay world economy, have a skill set that’s in high demand Daniel. Donna. Daniel said elegantly what I was going to. Your responses were defensive at best.

You should not be adding anything to help gcse, a resume, either. My resume should be only mine. If you’re making a brief or it, or adding information, do it separately. What is in my resume is what I want to show the world, and essays, how I want it. If you’re not comfortable with the quality or content, talk to gcse, me or move on. Anything you do to change it is misrepresenting me, be it adding or modifying data. Send your own notes independently. I’ve had a lousy recruiter change my resume. The employer I spoke about certain experience, and when I said it was minimal, they said my resume highlighted it.

I checked what I sent to we do an essay, that staffer, and there was barely a mention of it. They insisted they did not change it. This was the last time I sent a recruiter a Word copy of coursework gcse, my resume, and it will be any time I deal with recruiters in the future. Too many recruiters are trash. Another told me to take a job and not tell them I had barely any of the skill they wanted, and essays, just get up to help, speed quickly. If you’re not one of the “bad” ones, great- but there are too many that give your profession a bad name, and until there’s less unethical practices in the field, telling others that the we do an essay way they protect their interests is coursework gcse not needed is misguided. Thanks J. I actually send my clients both the editing english original and the annotated resumes. And yes, I’ve found some of help, these remarks personally offensive. I deleted one that added nothing to gcse, the conversation and help gcse, left the we do an essay rest up because they’re shining an interesting light into the relationship between recruiters and candidates.

What’s becoming more interesting to me here than the format of a resume is the vitriol directed toward the coursework help gcse recruiting community. Candidates now have more power than ever to vet recruiters before they send their resumes off to them. Are people checking recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles to see what type of book school, backgrounds and recommendations they have? I put my LinkedIn profile URL on help gcse my job postings so applicants can see exactly where their resume is going. No one has to swim with bottom feeders. If you’ve run into “lousy” recruiters, perhaps it’s because you haven’t done your homework. And I’ll ask again, why would anyone want to of anorexia, work for a company that hires a recruiter that candidates can’t trust? If you can’t trust their representative, why would you trust them? 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters (written 6/3/13). Please see Drew Tewell’s 6/4/13 comment on coursework help gcse this post. He sums it all up quite well.

I have been an executive recruiter for 20 years and I have never changed a candidate’s CV or resume. My candidates all have either a PhD or a MD, as I recruit for the biotech pharma niche. I think if my candidate with a PhD in Chemistry from Harvard can’t get his CV right on essays his own then he is not a good candidate for my client. Of course we all make typos and I will occasionally point these out. As for filling in missing information, I write a report for coursework help, each candidate I submit with all my thoughts- both pro and con. As a client I would not like to see a resume marked all over with red comments as it is too distracting. It also mentally would conjure a negative picture.( Think red marks on a test from your teacher). We don’t want a candidate to start off on first glance with a negative image, do we? It’s good to see you here. Interesting, I don’t point typos out to candidates and I don’t “fix” their typos in any way.

That’s data about how closely they copy edit important documents before they go out the door. I want my clients to see those typos and determine whether or not they matter to them. My comments do things like document the candidate’s explanation of of anorexia, a gap in his/her job history, list current salary and bonus as provided by coursework help the candidate, document the candidate’s explanation of why they left a job, etc. As to the color red, it provides a sharp contrast and thus clearly shows the essays information I’ve added to the resume. Help? I’ve tried green and blue but they don’t pop as well. Remember, I also send a clean copy of the resume to my client. Thus, they can choose to read either one or both. Beyond sourcing great candidates, my job is to develop and we do an essay, provide information to the hiring manager for decision support. If a candidate’s resume doesn’t provide all the gcse information I know they want, or if it raises questions, it’s my job to provide that information. Adding missing information to the face of a resume provides that information directly in context.

It’s also the most efficient way to coursework gcse, convey the information. BTW, I’ve never had a client object to receiving an annotated resume — and coursework, I’ve been recruiting since 1987. Hi Donna – When I first read this I was perplexed about why you or anyone else would want to editing english, make comments directly on coursework a person’s resume. Essay World Global Economy? I realize you are resume writer and thought perhaps that is how you provide edits back forth when working with clients. Coursework Gcse? If so, that process wasn’t obvious to me…

From the perspective of a person submitting their resume in the context of applying for essay, a position at a company and/or sending their resume to a 3rd party firm to be represented by that firm to the firm’s client(s), I don’t believe there would be a need for gcse, ANYONE to manipulate an reports high school, applicant’s resume. Aside from an gcse, agency presenting the resume content under their letterhead (blinding the we do an essay candidate’s name and help, contact info) there would be no other reason to have an editable format. In fact, I would discourage anyone from typing or writing on a resume under consideration for an employment opportunity outside of the above purpose. If any modification is needed, the resume owner (applicant/candidate) should provide additional explanation, clarification or updates on the document itself or the inquiring party should note any comments on a separate page. Should there ever be a dispute about qualifications and/or hiring practices, the resume “in use” would be considered evidence in any investigation and/or legal preceding. Coursework Help? While a resume is not considered a legal document in the same way that an employment application is, I do believe it should be left intact as submitted. Adding comments, notes, corrections or interpretations should not be necessary and I would strongly advise against this practice unless the resume owner is coursework gcse present and personally authorizing and editing english, initialing the changes to their information. As to whether PDF or MS Word is preferable, I would almost always recommend PDF unless specifically requested to coursework help, send MS Word or PDF is not accepted by an ATS or other online system. As a person that includes limited, yet precise formatting in the resumes I prepare, PDF ensures that recipient is able to view the document as it was intended to essays, appear. Coursework Help? Because of different SW versions and/or operating systems, MS Word has far more room for essays of anorexia, being translated improperly or unattractively. And, even some printers will alter how the hard copy appears from the soft (screen) version.

Thanks for coursework gcse, your comment…have you read through the comments that precede yours? There’s been quite a conversation. Hopefully a detailed read will make things clearer. BTW, I’m both an executive search consultant (over 400 searches completed) and an executive resume writer. I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t cleaner process for taking notes on a candidate other than writing them within Microsoft Word on essays the actual document. Maybe there’s an opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur to gcse, disrupt the industry #128578;

For my part the reason why I use PDF, and get frustrated when a Word document is help asked for, is a similar reason to coursework help gcse, what Stephanie had mentioned earlier in essay world global crisis, the string. Formatting in Word is a nightmare, even if you know you’re way around fairly well. I actually use design editing software, InDesign, to build my resume though I am not a graphic design by coursework help gcse trade. It gives me better control, not over coursework, the security of the document, but to make sure it looks exactly the way I want. To Stephanie’s point, PDF maintains that integrity. I do have a Word document backup with all of the coursework help gcse same information. We Do An Essay? It doesn’t quite fit right. The breaks don’t flow as well. It’s not as balanced.

It’s not accurate to the perception of myself that I want to coursework help, get across to employers. If you can make a resume ugly then you can certainly make it pretty (in a professional way of course). Thank you for your comment. MS Word can present some page break formatting challenges between systems. Write Essay Of Packingtown? They don’t bother me. I know that happens. For me, wanting MS Word documents really boils down to only wanting to look at one document and having all the information needed for decision support in coursework help, one place. Editing English? Screens are getting smaller all the time. Thus, it’s often not convenient to look at more than one document at a time. Three axioms that will benefit any job search:

1.Vet the recruiter a little before you send your resume off into the ether. 2.Comply with the coursework help gcse requested process. 3.Make sure an applicant tracking system can read whatever document you submit. I found a couple of your comments interesting: “If it’s a PDF file, I can’t just open the file, I have to open it in Adobe Reader, which I’ve never done, so I have to Google how to essay economy crisis, do that and help, fiddle around…”. You should only write a descriptive essay of packingtown have to double click the attachment, just as you would a Word doc. Typically, Adobe Reader is a standard install on coursework help gcse business computers. “PDF files would be great if they were in nearly universal use and everyone knew how to mark them up.” True, not everyone knows how use the various features available, but PDFs are as universal as Word.

Adobe Reader is free, unlike Microsoft Word. With Word docs you always have to save them in a compatible format (.doc not .docx) to ensure the editing english recipient can actually view the file. With a PDF, it’s automatically readable in any version of coursework help gcse, Reader; what you may lose are some of the newer features. Personally, I’ve found that the “applicant tracking systems” invariably mess up the formatting despite the creative reports high file uploaded, both Word and PDF resume versions. Just my two cents, Thank you for commenting. There’s no trouble opening the PDF format from an email attachment with a double click. It’s readable that way. It’s just not markable. Hence my headline that it’s “dead” — as opposed to interactive. When you double click a Word file from email, it’s readable and coursework help gcse, markable.

I’ve got to think that companies using applicant tracking systems care more about processing mountains of data at low cost than they care about write a descriptive essay of packingtown formatting because you’re right, the systems do mess up formatting. Having just been made redundant I started the coursework help gcse rounds of visiting recruitment agencies and asked this very question – PDF or DOC(x)? The recruiter’s reply was “In this tight market, recruiters are lazy, if I can’t key word search the resume it goes to the bottom of my pile! Always write a resume tailored to the specific role in the format requested. I don’t want to or need to do any extra work to accommodate the wrong format”. Maybe its not a professional attitude but with possibly hundreds of applicant for of anorexia, a job, minor things will count against you. One thing I always do though is coursework save each resume as a new file in a new directory before sending it out – I don’t want anyone looking at the change history to see what I applied for previously. Thank you for this. We recruiters process volumes of data. We have systems.

We really appreciate people who cooperate with us, rather than wanting special, time consuming attention that takes us out of our flow. If someone needs special attention, it’s at least a red flag to us. Worst case scenario, per what you wrote, it’s an instant deal killer. Ouch! Do you think it’s perfectly fine to send two copies of my resume? A PDF and a Doc one?

I totally agree with you that PDFs remove the interactive side of things, but I’m also worried that a DOC resume’s format would appear differently on another computer… you know, different font, different alignment, etc. I don’t want to mess it up. Dee, Yes. Gcse? Perfectly fine. Terrific idea! Thank you, Donna.

It seems as if your only coursework real argument here is that one cannot mark-up a PDF (which is we do an essay actually not a completely true statement, depending on what version of coursework help gcse, Adobe you are utilizing). World Global? So what would you prefer to send to a job; a Word document that has weird underlining in it because the program lacks the coursework help gcse ability to understand certain margins and spaces as stylistic choices (that is, of course, unless you create individual tables and tabs for everything) or a cleaner PDF document that has none of the above? I guess making comments directly to the Word comment is coursework a viable argument; however, as many have mentioned before, the basic Adobe contains a comment tool. I understand the point of someone wanting to coursework help, edit the document, but really, how often would that happen unless you’re specifically sending it to help gcse, someone who you know will likely edit it for coursework, you. In regards to essay, automatic tracking systems, most of them state the types of files that are acceptable and coursework, more times than not, will not accept an creative reports high, upload of an unacceptable file type.

Word documents saved/printed as a PDF always retain the full search-ability though. Moral of the story – Follow the directions and/or requests from the coursework gcse company or person you are sending your resume to? Hi Jan, Yes on “moral of the story.” Thank you, Donna. What are your thoughts on we do an essay receiving the PDF resume (the one that is meant to look good) and help gcse, receiving a plain text doc with no formatting (as it won’t look the same on my PC as your anyway)? Plain text docs are for computers, not people. Editing English? I don’t think you would get many recruiters to spend much time reading a plain text doc.

I’m a programmer and gcse, I work on Linux machines only. I don’t have Word. If someone wants to edit my resume they should ask me to do it and I will happily oblige if I think it’s an appropriate change. I DO NOT want recruiters changing my resume without telling me. The ethics of that are a bit grey. Let’s flip the creative book high calendar back to the days of hard copy resumes.

Would you object to a recruiter writing a clarifying note on your resume? That’s all I’m talking about. I don’t change anything. Coursework Help Gcse? I add comments that help my clients understand what they’re reading. I can only speak for my career experience but I have found that recruiters only high want Word versions so they can strip out contact information preventing you from being contacted directly (thereby negating the need for the recruiter) One very recent and very clear example of this was: 1) Applied for a job (senior exec, global brand bank) 2) Sent my CV (pdf) 3) Recruiter asked for a word version “because the help formatting was coming out wrong”. I knew this not to we do an essay, be true but the role was very attractive so I complied. 4) Got through to help, the final panel interview where they had my CV throughout with the agency covering sheet and crisis, the only thing that was missing was my contact information, including my LinkedIn URL (they were kind enough to provide me a copy at the end of the process which I checked forensically) Interestingly, the gcse entire panel had checked out my LinkedIn profile anyway (thanks to the who’s looking component) from which spawned a LOT of questions.

They’d even reached out to former colleagues and acquaintances whom we shared connections to help validate career delivery claims so it was a very interesting new dynamic. Ultimately, I turned down the job because it was more promise than guarantee of delivery but it did prove one thing. Whether a resume is a PDF or Word doc over the long term, it doesn’t really matter as it’s about the content and what you can offer. Over time, personally, I think a CV “document” as a concept will slowly fade into use by niche use cases. This view opinion is crisis largely fueled by that last interview and coursework help, the likes of world global crisis, services such as LinkedIn, websites and coursework gcse, other (emerging) social media avenues such as Klout which combines public and private information which can can get supported and we do an essay, endorsed.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in coming generations. Thank you Dean. LinkedIn is the “go to” place for checking people out. That’s why it’s good to have a profile that’s even more compelling than your resume. LinkedIn is a great place to do Resume+. I have hired MANY marketing assistants and coordinators over my career.

I’m always shocked when someone submits a Word resume to me. The first thing I do is reveal hidden formatting and coursework, see exactly how they formatted that resume. You would be surprised how many people use tabs, hard returns and spaces to format. I rarely see anyone properly using styles in gcse, their resume. To me, these are not proficient Word users. I won’t interview these people. Gcse? These positions require a high level of a descriptive essay, computer knowledge, and if you can’t properly format a resume, you can’t do this job. At least with a PDF they can hide those flaws for a while. Interesting Margaret. Given this, I would think that you would specifically request a Word resume. Coursework Help? #128578; Donna.

I work in the communitacions area and I design my resume using InDesing. As someone said before it allows me to design it in ways word cant. Essay Global Crisis? For me word is help gcse too limited, but I do have a simple version in word. However, I’ve never been asked for it. And I hope they dont. It looks too plain for me, while my indesing version shows more of my personality and taste. Also, I find funny you call PDF not interactive.

The way I do it, most info in my pdf resume is hyperlinked, which means if you click my university info you go to my faculty web page, if you click my twitter info, it takes you to my twitter…same with my blog, companies ive worked for, proyects… If you ask for my word version you will be missing a lot about me just for we do an essay, the shake of coursework help, your innconvenience adding comments in pdf, which can be done (as said in other comments) I hope I don’t come up as rude (english is not my first language) but you are putting your convenience first, and it shouldn’t be like that. PDF works fine and world economy crisis, has more pros than cons for everyone. Taking you a bit longer to be able to comment on a pdf should not stop you or make you think pdf is dead. Maybe adapting to new things bothers you, but you can get used to it or find apps that help you deal with it. There’s many pdf editors out there for help, iphone, android and even browser. They are free. Of Anorexia? Use them and problem solved!

Not rude at all Ana. Thank you for coursework help, the helpful information. Donna. I also don’t agree in total. It depends where you apply! In South Asia there is a descriptive essay many firm who ask you for your CV (asking for an opportunity with them) and they use it without your consent for EOI, Business Proposals and Bidding to qualify themselves.

Once they get the deal they never get back to you rather they start substitution process by addressing interest of business sponsor. And when project goes in trouble you can also be pulled off because you are in file. Gcse? Specially when this is Government sponsored Projects. Thus I think PDF still has space to ensure that the CV you are dispatching is not been used unauthorized. That’s reprehensible.

However, if you read the comments, you’ll see that the .pdf format provides you with scant protection from unethical behavior from write essay of packingtown others. Acrobat Reader, Preview, and help gcse, Okular all support commenting and annotation in PDFs. Those who have learned LaTeX, can precisely format a document such as a resume. While I have “total control” as you put it when creating a document in LaTeX, I’m more interested in the fact that the format does not frequently go all out of editing english, whack when I have to copy and paste sections. When I try to use one of the Word templates, getting the formatting right is a real struggle. Coursework? The ubiquity of MS Office is one of those peculiarly American things, like not using the metric system, writing month/day/year, or calling football “soccer.” My CV is written in a descriptive essay of packingtown, LaTeX so a word document is not going to come out of that. Do you suggest I cough up the $200 for Word (which I’m not proficient in) just to re-enter my CV? If a recruiter asks you for a Word document, I would give them one. Help Gcse? You can probably find someone on O-Desk to write a descriptive, do it for your for five or ten dollars.

P.S. Coursework? I would love to a descriptive of packingtown, see your resume. Coursework Help Gcse? If you would like, please email me a copy at I am a tech worker and recruiters in this field have a reputation of being completely non-technical. I do not trust a recruiter to represent my technical skills without “exaggerating.” If I have a good recruiter who is working directly for essay world crisis, a hiring manager, my resume will skip the HR screen and help, I will want to editing english, write my own resume in that situation. There are many things a dishonest recruiter can do with an editable resume. Making my resume a PDF is an coursework, easy way to make sure the recruiter can’t edit email address so the client can’t contact with me.

[BTW, my PDF resume converts BEAUTIFULLY to text, I made sure of it #128578; ] Hope you understand, Thank you for this. Global? You might ask your recruiter(s) if there are any honest tweaks that would make your resume stronger, but I understand your position.

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An Exam Reader#039;s Advice on Writing. Lakeland High School. During my experience as a Reader, I have learned a few things about writing that I would like to share with other teachers. I hope you’ll find my observations helpful as you think about help encouraging your students to do their best on the writing section of the AP English Literature Exam. Students should not begin writing until they fully comprehend the prompt and/or the passage. Mere parroting of the prompt often leads to floundering around instead of developing a clear direction. I recommend that you advise your students to write directly on the passage and make quick notes and outlines in the margins. This planning enables most writers to organize their ideas more efficiently. Help? I have found that teaching students acronyms for coursework help, reading and writing strategies (DIDLS, TP-CASTT, etc.) can work wonders. (These terms are discussed in we do an essay the AP Vertical Teams Guide for coursework gcse, English , 2002.) While your very best students might not need them, less able students can find them useful ways to begin. I often suggest that my own students not only mark up the passage, but also use the essays margins to fill in some of the acronym steps. This active planning takes an extra five minutes or so, but I’ve found that it’s well worth the time.

Students who fail to coursework help read closely frequently wind up paraphrasing rather than analyzing the editing english passages. Coursework Help Gcse? Planning helps them stay focused. Although AP Readers are instructed to read the entire essay and not to be prejudiced by a weak introduction, a strong opening paragraph can be a real asset to a student’s paper. When answering the free-response part of the AP English Exams, writers should answer the essay crisis question quickly and coursework gcse, avoid beginning with ideas that do not relate directly to the prompt. The following hypothetical introduction for Question 1 on the 2002 AP English Literature Exam provides an example of what not to do: “All people at write a descriptive some point in help gcse time have encountered a great deal of trouble in we do an essay their lives. I know of so many people who have been embarrassed by parents that will wave at you from across a room. I have a friend who told me that her parents did this very same thing.” Such generalities often signal a writer’s inability to coursework respond in a thoughtful manner, suggesting that the rest of the paper also may be incoherent or rambling. The Reader might begin to suspect that the student is just trying to bluff his or her way through the question. One-sentence perfunctory introductions—especially ones that repeat the wording of the essay world prompt—also work poorly, suggesting to the Reader that the student isn’t particularly interested or doesn’t care. I recommend that teachers tell students to create an introduction strong enough to earn a grade of 3 all by itself.

That means that students should learn ways to help gcse answer the entire prompt—not simply repeat it—in the introduction. This indicates to the Reader that the paper could be heading into the upper-half zone. One way to help students improve their beginning is by providing them with several introductory paragraphs from papers that have earned a wide range of scores and asking them to identify stronger and we do an essay, weaker openings. (Sample papers are available on the Exam homepage for the course.) Rubrics especially designed for introductory paragraphs also can be helpful. After having students collect examples of several strong openings, you may want to ask them to coursework help gcse develop their own rubric for editing english, introductory paragraphs. Use paragraphs and topic sentences.

Although it may seem like a small matter, students should indent paragraphs clearly. A paper without indentation or with unclear indentation often confuses a Reader. Paragraphs create the fundamental structure of the essay, and without them good ideas can get muddled. Most essays I’ve seen that do not use paragraphs tend to be full of confused and coursework help gcse, rambling thoughts. Many writers find topic sentences a useful tool both for organizing paragraphs and also for helping Readers navigate through the essay. To score at least a 3, students would be wise to make use of a descriptive of packingtown, pertinent references from the text. Encourage them to use specific quotations to help back up their assertions. Economy Crisis? However, remind them that they must explain their quotes clearly and demonstrate how they are relevant to the question. Help? It is important for a descriptive, young writers to coursework help realize that offering long quotes without explanation bogs down the essay and can give the undesirable impression that the student is trying to fill up space rather than answer the essays prompt! Short, choppy sentences without variety indicate a student who has little background in coursework grammar and style, perhaps someone who has read and written minimally.

Teach students how to connect ideas with transitional wording, participial phrases, appositives, subordinate clauses, etc. I ask my students to imagine children making the same tower or castle each time they played with blocks. We Do An Essay? They soon would become bored. Coursework? Likewise, both writers and readers get bored when everything is formulaic, lacking some individual pizzazz! I suggest asking them to experiment with different sorts of syntactical devices to help them develop a sense of editing english, style.

An arsenal of appropriate vocabulary and coursework help gcse, analytical wording reveals a brilliant mind at work, but writers should make certain that the words fit. Some students stick in big words just to sound scholarly. Ironically, some of their papers score only essays of anorexia, a 2 because they lack clarity and sometimes say nothing of coursework gcse, relevance to the prompt. I advise my students to use the active voice as much as possible as one remedy for global economy crisis, repetition and other superfluous wording. I also suggest encouraging them to develop a mental thesaurus, so they will have a large variety of words available as they compose.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. The DBQ, or document-based-question, is a somewhat unusually-formatted timed essay on the AP History Exams: AP US History, AP European History, and AP World History. Because of its unfamiliarity, many students are at a loss as to how to even prepare, let alone how to write a successful essay on test day. Never fear! I, the DBQ wizard and master, have a wealth of preparation strategies for you, as well as advice on how to cram everything you need to cover into your limited DBQ writing time on coursework help exam day. When you're done reading this guide, you'll know exactly how to write a DBQ. For a general overview of the DBQ—what it is, its purpose, its format, etc.—see my article “What is a DBQ?” Establish a Baseline. Take Another Practice DBQ. How Can I Succeed on Test Day? Reading the editing english, Question and Documents.

Planning Your Essay. Writing Your Essay. Your AP exam study timeline depends on a few things. First, how much time you have to coursework help gcse, study per week, and how many hours you want to study in total? If you don’t have much time per week, start a little earlier; if you will be able to we do an essay, devote a substantial amount of help time per we do an essay, week (10-15 hours) to coursework gcse, prep, you can wait until later in the year. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the earlier you start studying for your AP test, the less material you will have covered in class. Of Anorexia? Make sure you continually review older material as the school year goes on to keep things fresh in your mind, but in terms of DBQ prep it probably doesn’t make sense to coursework gcse, start before February or January at coursework help, the absolute earliest.

Another factor is how much you need to work on. I recommend you complete a baseline DBQ around early February to see where you need to coursework help, focus your efforts. If, for example, you got a six out of seven and missed one point for doing further document analysis, you won’t need to essay world economy crisis, spend too much time studying how to write a DBQ. Maybe just do a document analysis exercise every few weeks and check in gcse a couple months later with another timed practice DBQ to a descriptive essay, make sure you’ve got it. However, if you got a two or three out of seven, you’ll know you have more work to do, and you’ll probably want to devote at least an hour or two every week to honing your skills. The general flow of your preparation should be: take a practice DBQ, do focused skills practice, take another practice DBQ, do focused skills practice, take another practice DBQ, and so on. How often you take the practice DBQs and how many times you repeat the coursework help gcse, cycle really depends on we do an essay how much preparation you need, and how often you want to check your progress. Gcse? Take practice DBQs often enough that the reports school, format stays familiar, but not so much that you’ve done barely any skills practice in between. He's ready to start studying!

The general preparation process is to diagnose, practice, test, and repeat. First, you’ll figure out what you need to work on by establishing a baseline level for your DBQ skills. Then, you’ll practice building skills. Finally, you’ll take another DBQ to see how you've improved and gcse, what you still need to work on. In this next section, I’ll go over write essay of packingtown the whole process.

First, I’ll give guidance on how to establish a baseline. Then I’ll go over help some basic, foundational essay-writing skills and how to build them. Essay? After that I’ll break down the coursework help, DBQ rubric. You’ll be acing practice DBQs before you know it! The first thing you need to do is to establish a baseline— figure out where you are at with respect to your DBQ skills. This will let you know where you need to focus your preparation efforts.

To do this, you will take a timed, practice DBQ and have a trusted teacher or advisor grade it according to the appropriate rubric. For the AP US History DBQ, you’ll be given a 15-minute reading period and 40 minutes of a descriptive essay of packingtown writing time. A selection of practice questions from the exam can be found online at the College Board, including a DBQ. (Go to page 136 in coursework gcse the linked document for the practice prompt.) If you’ve already seen this practice question, perhaps in essay global economy class, you might use the 2015 DBQ question. Other available College Board DBQs are going to be in the old format (find them in the “Free-Response Questions” documents). This is coursework gcse, fine if you need to write, use them, but be sure to use the new rubric (which is out of seven points, rather than nine) to grade. I advise you to save all these links , or even download all the coursework gcse, Free Response Questions and the Scoring Guides, for book reference because you will be using them again and again for practice.

The College Board has provided practice questions for coursework help the exam, including a DBQ (see page 200 in the linked document). If you’ve already seen this question, the only other questions available through the College Board are in essays of anorexia the old format, because the 2016 DBQ is in a new, seven-point format identical to coursework help, the AP US History exam. Just be sure to editing english, use the new DBQ rubric if you want to use any of the old prompts provided by the College Board. (DBQs are in coursework help gcse the documents titled “Free-Response Questions.”) I advise you to save all these links (or even download all the Free Response Questions and the Scoring Guides) for reference, because you will be using them again and again for practice. Who knows—maybe this will be one of we do an essay your documents! For this exam, you’ll be given a 15-minute reading period and 40 minutes of writing time . As for coursework the other two history exams, the College Board has provided practice questions. See page 166 for the DBQ. If you’ve already seen this question, the editing english, only other questions available through the College Board are in coursework gcse the old format, because the 2017 World History DBQ is in a new, seven-point format identical to essay world global, the AP US History and AP European History exams.

So be sure to coursework help gcse, use the essay world economy, new DBQ rubric if you want to use any of the old prompts provided by the College Board. (DBQs are in the documents titled “Free-Response Questions.”) I advise you to help, save all these links (or even download all the Free Response Questions and the Scoring Guides) for reference, because you will be using them again and again for practice. Finding a Trusted Advisor to Look at Your Papers. A history teacher would be a great resource, but if they are not available to you in this capacity, here are some other ideas: An English teacher. Ask a librarian at your school or public library! If they can’t help you, they may be able to direct you to resources who can.

You could also ask a school guidance counselor to direct you to essay crisis, in-school resources you could use. A tutor. This is help gcse, especially helpful if they are familiar with the write of packingtown, test, although even if they aren’t, they can still advise—the DBQ is mostly testing academic writing skills under pressure. Your parent(s)! Again, ideally your trusted advisor will be familiar with the AP, but if you have used your parents for writing help in the past they can also assist here.

You might try an help gcse, older friend who has already taken the exam and did well. although bear in mind that some people are better at doing than scoring and/or explaining! If you know nothing about the DBQ and world, you’d like to help gcse, do a little basic familiarization before you establish your baseline, that’s completely fine. There’s no point in taking a practice exam if you are going to panic and muddle your way through it; it won’t give a useful picture of editing english your skills. For a basic orientation, check out my article for a basic introduction to help gcse, the DBQ including DBQ format. If you want to look at one or two sample essays, see my article for a list of DBQ example essay resources. Of Anorexia? Keep in mind that you should use a fresh prompt you haven’t seen to establish your baseline, though, so if you do look at coursework help, samples don’t use those prompts to set your baseline. I would also check out this page about the various “task” words associated with AP essay questions . This page was created primarily for the AP European History Long Essay question, but the definitions are still useful for essay of packingtown the DBQ on all the history exams, particularly since these are the definitions provided by the College Board. Once you feel oriented, take your practice exam! Don’t worry if you don’t do well on your first practice! That’s what studying is for.

The point of help gcse establishing a baseline is not to write a descriptive, make you feel bad, but to empower you to coursework gcse, focus your efforts on the areas you need to work on. Even if you need to work on all the areas, that is editing english, completely fine and doable! Every skill you need for the DBQ can be built . In the following section, we’ll go over these skills and how to build them for coursework help gcse each exam. You need a stronger foundation than this sand castle. In this section, I’ll discuss the foundational writing skills you need to write a DBQ. I’ll start with some general information on crafting an effective thesis , since this is a skill you will need for essays any DBQ exam (and for your entire academic life). Then, I’ll go over outlining essays, with some sample outline ideas for the DBQ. After I’ll touch on time management. Finally, I’ll briefly discuss how to non-awkwardly integrate information from your documents into your writing. It sounds like a lot, but not only help gcse are these skills vital to your academic career in general, you probably already have the basic building blocks to master them in your arsenal!

Writing a good thesis is a skill you will need to develop for all your DBQs, and for any essay you write, on the AP or otherwise. Here are some general rules as to creative high school, what makes a good thesis: A good thesis does more than just restate the prompt. Let’s say our class prompt is: “Analyze the help, primary factors that led to the French Revolution.” Gregory writes, “There were many factors that caused the French Revolution” as his thesis. This is editing english, not an coursework help, effective thesis . All it does is world crisis, vaguely restate the prompt. A good thesis makes a plausible claim that you can defend in an essay-length piece of writing.

Maybe Karen writes, “Marie Antoinette caused the help, French Revolution when she said ‘Let them eat cake’ because it made people mad.” This is not an effective thesis, either. For one thing, Marie Antoinette never said that. More importantly, how are you going to write an entire essay on how one offhand comment by Marie Antoinette caused the entire Revolution? This is both implausible and overly simplistic. A good thesis answers the question . If LaToya writes, “The Reign of Terror led to the ultimate demise of the French Revolution and editing english, ultimately paved the way for coursework help gcse Napoleon Bonaparte to seize control of France,” she may be making a reasonable, defensible claim, but it doesn’t answer the coursework gcse, question, which is not about what happened after the Revolution, but what caused it! A good thesis makes it clear where you are going in your essay. Let’s say Juan writes, “The French Revolution, while caused by a variety of political, social, and coursework, economic factors, was primarily incited by a descriptive essay of packingtown, the emergence of the highly educated Bourgeois class.” This thesis provides a mini-roadmap for help gcse the entire essay, laying out that Juan is going to discuss the political, social, and economic factors that led to coursework gcse, the Revolution, in that order, and that he will argue that the members of the Bourgeois class were the ultimate inciters of the Revolution. This is a great thesis! It answers the question, makes an overarching point, and help, provides a clear idea of editing english what the writer is going to discuss in the essay. To review: a good thesis makes a claim, responds to the prompt, and gcse, lays out what you will discuss in your essay.

If you feel like you have trouble telling the difference between a good thesis and a not-so-good one, here are a few resources you can consult: This site from SUNY Empire has an exercise in choosing the best thesis from essays of anorexia several options. It’s meant for research papers, but the general rules as to coursework gcse, what makes a good thesis apply. has another exercise in world economy crisis choosing thesis statements specifically for short essays. Coursework Help Gcse? Note, however, that most of the correct answers here would be “good” thesis statements as opposed to crisis, “super” thesis statements. While you should definitely practice looking at help gcse, DBQ questions and documents and of anorexia, writing a thesis in response to those, you may also find it useful to write some practice thesis statements in response to help, the Free-Response Questions. Of Anorexia? While you won’t be taking any documents into gcse, account in your argument for the Free-Response Questions, it’s good practice on how to construct an effective thesis in general.

You could even try writing multiple thesis statements in response to the same prompt! It is essay of packingtown, a great exercise to see how you could approach the prompt from different angles. Time yourself for 5-10 minutes to coursework, mimic the time pressure of the AP exam. If possible, have a trusted advisor or friend look over your practice statements and give you feedback. Barring that, looking over the scoring guidelines for old prompts (accessible from the same page on the College Board where past free-response questions can be found) will provide you with useful tips on what might make a good thesis in response to a given prompt. Once you can write a thesis, you need to be able to support it—that's where outlining comes in! This is not a good outline.

Outlining and creative high school, Formatting Your Essay. You may be the greatest document analyst and coursework, thesis-writer in the world, but if you don’t know how to put it all together in a DBQ essay outline, you won’t be able to a descriptive, write a cohesive, high-scoring essay on test day. A good outline will clearly lay out help gcse, your thesis and book reports high school, how you are going to support that thesis in coursework your body paragraphs. It will keep your writing organized and prevent you from forgetting anything you want to editing english, mention! For some general tips on writing outlines, this page from Roane State has some useful information.

While the general principles of outlining an essay hold, the DBQ format is going to have its own unique outlining considerations.To that end, I’ve provided some brief sample outlines that will help you hit all the important points. Introduction Thesis. The most important part of coursework help your intro! Body 1 - contextual information Any outside historical/contextual information Body 2 - First point Documents analysis that support the first point If three body paragraphs: use about three documents, do deeper analysis on two Body 3 - Second point Documents analysis that support the second point Use about three documents, do deeper analysis on two Be sure to we do an essay, mention your outside example if you have not done so yet! Body 4 (optional) - Third point Documents and analysis that support third point Conclusion Re-state thesis Draw a comparison to another time period or situation (synthesis) Depending on your number of coursework help gcse body paragraphs and your main points, you may include different numbers of documents in each paragraph, or switch around where you place your contextual information, your outside example, or your synthesis.

There’s no one right way to write a descriptive essay, outline, just so long as each of your body paragraphs has a clear point that you support with documents, and you remember to do a deeper analysis on four documents, bring in coursework help gcse outside historical information, and of anorexia, make a comparison to coursework help, another historical situation or time (you will see these last points further explained in the rubric breakdown). Of course, all the creative book reports school, organizational skills in the world won't help you if you can't write your entire essay in the time allotted. The next section will cover time management skills. You can be as organized as this library! Time Management Skills for Essay Writing. Do you know all of your essay-writing skills, but just can’t get a DBQ essay together in a 15-minute planning period and 40 minutes of coursework help gcse writing? There could be a few things at play here: Do you find yourself spending a lot of time staring at a blank paper? If you feel like you don’t know where to start, spend one-two minutes brainstorming as soon as you read the question and the documents. Write anything here—don’t censor yourself.

No one will look at those notes but you! After you’ve brainstormed for a bit, try to organize those thoughts into essays, a thesis, and then into coursework gcse, body paragraphs. Creative Book High School? It’s better to start working and change things around than to waste time agonizing that you don’t know the perfect thing to say. Are you too anxious to start writing, or does anxiety distract you in help gcse the middle of your writing time? Do you just feel overwhelmed? Sounds like test anxiety. Lots of people have this. (Including me! I failed my driver’s license test the first time I took it because I was so nervous.) You might talk to a guidance counselor about your anxiety. They will be able to high school, provide advice and gcse, direct you to resources you can use.

There are also some valuable test anxiety resources online: try our guide to mindfulness (it's focused on editing english the SAT, but the coursework help, same concepts apply on any high-pressure test) and essay world economy, check out tips from Minnesota State University , these strategies from TeensHealth , or this plan for reducing anxiety from help gcse West Virginia University . Are you only two thirds of the way through your essay when 40 minutes have passed? You are probably spending too long on your outline, biting off more than you can chew, or both. If you find yourself spending 20+ minutes outlining, you need to practice bringing down your outline time. Remember, an outline is just a guide for write a descriptive essay your essay—it is fine to switch things around as you are writing. Help Gcse? It doesn’t need to be perfect. To cut down on your outline time, practice just outlining for shorter and shorter time intervals. Reports School? When you can write one in 20 minutes, bring it down to 18, then down to 16. You may also be trying to gcse, cover too much in your paper.

If you have five body paragraphs, you need to scale things back to three. A Descriptive Of Packingtown? If you are spending twenty minutes writing two paragraphs of coursework gcse contextual information, you need to trim it down to a few relevant sentences. Be mindful of where you are spending a lot of time, and target those areas. You don’t know the problem —you just can’t get it done! If you can’t exactly pinpoint what’s taking you so long, I advise you to simply practice writing DBQs in of anorexia less and less time. Start with 20 minutes for your outline and 50 for your essay, (or longer, if you need). Then when you can do it in 20 and coursework help, 50, move back to 18 minutes and essays of anorexia, 45 for writing, then to 15 and 40. You absolutely can learn to help gcse, manage your time effectively so that you can write a great DBQ in the time allotted. On to essay crisis, the next skill!

The final skill that isn’t explicitly covered in the rubric, but will make a big difference in your essay quality, is integrating document citations into your essay. In other words, how do you reference the information in the documents in a clear, non-awkward way? It is coursework gcse, usually better to use the editing english, author or title of the document to identify a document instead of writing “Document A.” So instead of writing “Document A describes the riot as. ” you might say, “In Sven Svenson’s description of the riot…” When you quote a document directly without otherwise identifying it, you may want to include a parenthetical citation. For example, you might write, “The strikers were described as ‘valiant and coursework help gcse, true’ by the working class citizens of the city (Document E).” Now that we’ve reviewed the essential, foundational skills of the we do an essay, DBQ, I’ll move into the rubric breakdowns.

We’ll discuss each skill the AP graders will be looking for when they score your exam. All of the history exams share a DBQ rubric, so the guidelines are identical. Don't worry, you won't need a magnifying glass to gcse, examine the rubric. The DBQ rubric has four sections for a total of world crisis seven points. One point is for having a thesis that works and is historically defensible. Help Gcse? This just means that your thesis can be reasonably supported by the documents and historical fact.

So please don’t make the main point of we do an essay your essay that JFK was a member of the Illuminati or that Pope Urban II was an help gcse, alien. Per the College Board, your thesis needs to be located in your introduction or your conclusion. You’ve probably been taught to place your thesis in your intro, so stick with what you’re used to. Plus, it’s just good writing—it helps signal where you are going in the essay and what your point is. You can receive another point for having a super thesis. The College Board describes this as having a thesis that takes into account “historical complexity.” Historical complexity is really just the idea that historical evidence does not always agree about everything, and that there are reasons for agreement, disagreement, etc. How will you know whether the historical evidence agrees or disagrees? The documents!

Suppose you are responding to a prompt about women’s suffrage (suffrage is the right to vote, for those of world crisis you who haven’t gotten to that unit in coursework help gcse class yet): “Analyze the responses to the women’s suffrage movement in the United States.” Included among your documents, you have a letter from a suffragette passionately explaining why she feels women should have the vote, a copy of a suffragette’s speech at a women’s meeting, a letter from one congressman to another debating the pros and cons of suffrage, and essay of packingtown, a political cartoon displaying the death of society and the end of the ‘natural’ order at help, the hands of female voters. A simple but effective thesis might be something like, “Though ultimately successful, the editing english, women’s suffrage movement sharply divided the country between those who believed women’s suffrage was unnatural and those who believed it was an inherent right of coursework help women.” This is good: it answers the question and clearly states the two responses to suffrage that are going to be analyzed in the essay. A super thesis , however, would take the relationships between the essay world economy crisis, documents (and the people behind the documents!) into coursework gcse, account. It might be something like, “The dramatic contrast between those who responded in favor of women’s suffrage and those who fought against we do an essay, it revealed a fundamental rift in American society centered on the role of coursework gcse women—whether women were ‘naturally’ meant to book reports high, be socially and civilly subordinate to men, or whether they were in fact equals.” This is coursework gcse, a “super” thesis because it gets into essays, the specifics of the relationship between historical factors and shows the broader picture —that is, what responses to women’s suffrage revealed about the role of women in coursework help the United States overall.

It goes beyond just analyzing the specific issues to a “so what”? It doesn’t just take a position about history, it tells the reader why they should care . In this case, our super thesis tells us that the reader should care about women’s suffrage because the issue reveals a fundamental conflict in America over the position of women in society. Part B: Document Analysis - 2 Points. One point for using six or seven of the documents in your essay to support your argument. Easy-peasy!

However, make sure you aren’t just summarizing documents in a list, but are tying them back to the main points of your paragraphs. It's best to avoid writing things like, “Document A says X, and Document B says Y, and Document C says Z.” Instead, you might write something like, “The anonymous author of Document C expresses his support and admiration for the suffragettes but also expresses fear that giving women the essay world global, right to vote will lead to conflict in the home, highlighting the common fear that women’s suffrage would lead to coursework help, upheaval in women’s traditional role in society.” Any summarizing should be connected a point. Gcse? Essentially, any explanation of what a document says needs to be tied to coursework help, a “so what?” If it’s not clear to you why what you are writing about a document is related to essays, your main point, it’s not going to be clear to the AP grader. You can get an additional point here for doing further analysis on 4 of the coursework gcse, documents. This further analysis could be in any of these 4 areas: Author’s point of view - Why does the help, author think the way that they do? What is their position in society and how does this influence what they are saying? Author’s purpose - Why is the author writing what they are writing? What are they trying to convince their audience of? Historical context - What broader historical facts are relevant to this document?

Audience - Who is the intended audience for this document? Who is the author addressing or trying to convince? Be sure to tie any further analysis back to coursework, your main argument! And remember, you only have to do this for four documents for full credit, but it’s fine to do it for more if you can. So how do you practice document analysis? By analyzing documents! Luckily for AP test takers everywhere, New York State has an exam called the essays, Regents Exam that has its own DBQ section. Coursework Help? Before they write the essay, however, New York students have to answer short answer questions about the documents. Answering Regents exam DBQ short-answer questions is good practice for basic document analysis. While most of the questions are pretty basic, it’s a good warm-up in terms of thinking more deeply about the documents and how to editing english, use them. This set of Regent-style DBQs from the Teacher’s Project are mostly about US History, but the practice could be good for coursework other tests too.

This prompt from the Morningside center also has some good document comprehensions questions about a US-History based prompt. Note: While the we do an essay, document short-answer questions are useful for thinking about help, basic document analysis, I wouldn’t advise completing entire Regents exam DBQ essay prompts for practice, because the format and rubric are both somewhat different from the AP. Your AP history textbook may also have documents with questions that you can use to of anorexia, practice. Flip around in there! This otter is ready to swim in coursework the waters of the DBQ. When you want to do a deeper dive on the documents, you can also pull out those old College Board DBQ prompts. Read the documents carefully. Write down everything that comes to your attention. Do further analysis—author’s point of view, purpose, audience, and historical context—on all the documents for practice, even though you will only need to do additional analysis on four on test day. Of course, you might not be able to do all kinds of further analysis on things like maps and graphs, which is fine. You might also try thinking about how you would arrange those observations in an argument, or even try writing a practice outline!

This exercise would combine your thesis and document-analysis skills practice. When you’ve analyzed everything you can possibly think of for all the documents, pull up the Scoring Guide for that prompt. It helpfully has an editing english, entire list of analysis points for each document. Consider what they identified that you missed. Do you seem way off-base in your interpretation? If so, how did it happen? Part C: Using Evidence Beyond the Documents - 2 Points. Don’t be freaked out by the fact that this is two points! One point is just for context - if you can locate the coursework help gcse, issue within its broader historical situation. You do need to editing english, write several sentences to a paragraph about it, but don’t stress; all you really need to help, know to be able to get this point is information about major historical trends over time, and you will need to know this anyways for the multiple choice section.

If the question is about the Dust Bowl during the editing english, Great Depression, for example, be sure to include some of the general information you know about the Great Depression! Boom. Help? Contextualized. The other point is for a descriptive essay of packingtown naming a specific, relevant example in coursework gcse your essay that does not appear in the documents. To practice your outside information skills, pull up your College Board prompts! Read through the essay economy, prompt and documents and then write down all of the contextualizing facts and as many specific examples as you can think of. I advise timing yourself—maybe 5-10 minutes to read the coursework help, documents and prompt and list your outside knowledge—to imitate the time pressure of the creative book reports, DBQ. When you’ve exhausted your knowledge, make sure to fact-check your examples and your contextual information! You don’t want to use incorrect information on test day. If you can’t remember any examples or contextual information about that topic, look some up!

This will help fill in holes in coursework help your knowledge. All you need to do for synthesis is book reports high, relate your argument about this specific time period to gcse, a different time period, geographical area, historical movement, etc. It is probably easiest to do this in the conclusion of the editing english, essay. If your essay is about the Great Depression, you might relate it to help gcse, the Great Recession of 2007-2009. You do need to do more than just mention your synthesis connection. Write A Descriptive Essay Of Packingtown? You need to make it meaningful. How are the coursework help, two things you are comparing similar? What does one reveal about the editing english, other? Is there a key difference that highlights something important? To practice your synthesis skills—you guessed it—pull up your College Board prompts! Read through the prompt and documents and then identify what historical connections you could make for your synthesis point.

Be sure to coursework gcse, write a few words on why the connection is significant! A great way to make sure that your synthesis connection makes sense is to we do an essay, explain it to someone else. If you explain what you think the connection is and they get it, you’re probably on the right track. You can also look at sample responses and the scoring guide for the old prompts to see what other connections students and AP graders made. That's a wrap on the rubric!

Let's move on coursework to skill-building strategy. Don't let the DBQ turn you into a dissolving ghost-person, though. You’ve probably noticed that my advice on how to practice individual rubric skills is pretty similar: pull out a prompt and we do an essay, do a timed exercise focusing on just that skill. However, there are only so many old College Board prompts in the universe (sadly). If you are working on several skills, I advise you to combine your practice exercises. What do I mean? Let’s say, for example, you are studying for US History and want to work on writing a thesis, bringing in outside information, and document analysis. Set your timer for 15-20 minutes, pull up a prompt, and: Write 2-3 potential thesis statements in coursework gcse response to the prompt Write all the we do an essay, contextual historical information you can think of, and a few specific examples Write down analysis notes on all the documents. Then, when you pull up the Scoring Guide, you can check how you are doing on all those skills at once! This will also help prime you for test day, when you will be having to help gcse, combine all of the rubric skills in a timed environment.

That said, if you find it overwhelming to combine too many exercises at once when you are first starting out in your study process, that’s completely fine. You’ll need to put all the skills together eventually, but if you want to essays, spend time working on them individually at first, that’s fine too. So once you've established your baseline and prepped for days, what should you do? It's time to take another practice DBQ to coursework help gcse, see how you've improved! I know you're tired, but you can do it! So, you established a baseline, identified the skills you need to work on, and coursework help, practiced writing a thesis statement and analyzing documents for hours.

What now? Take another timed, practice DBQ from a prompt you haven’t seen before to check how you’ve improved. Recruit your same trusted advisor to grade your exam and help gcse, give feedback. After, work on any skills that still need to creative high school, be honed. Repeat this process as necessary, until you are consistently scoring your goal score. Then you just need to coursework gcse, make sure you maintain your skills until test day by doing an occasional practice DBQ. Eventually, test day will come—read on for my DBQ-test-taking tips. How Can I Succeed On DBQ Test Day? Once you’ve prepped your brains out, you still have to take the test!

I know, I know. But I’ve got some advice on of anorexia how to coursework help, make sure all of your hard work pays off on test day—both some general tips and some specific advice on how to a descriptive, write a DBQ. Most of these are probably tips you’ve heard before, but they bear repeating: Get a good night’s sleep for the two nights preceding the exam. This will keep your memory sharp! Eat a good breakfast (and lunch, if the exam is in help the afternoon) before the exam with protein and essay world crisis, whole grains. This will keep your blood sugar from crashing and making you tired during the exam. Don’t study the night before the coursework gcse, exam if you can help it. Instead, do something relaxing. World Crisis? You’ve been preparing, and coursework, you will have an easier time on exam day if you aren’t stressed from essays trying to cram the night before. This dude knows he needs to get a good night's rest!

Below I’ve laid out coursework help gcse, how to coursework, use your time during the DBQ exam. I’ll provide tips on reading the question and docs, planning your essay, and writing! Be sure to keep an eye on the clock throughout so you can track your general progress. Reading the Question and the Documents: 5-6 min. First thing’s first: r ead the question carefully , two or even three times. You may want to circle the task words (“analyze,” “describe,” “evaluate,” “compare”) to make sure they stand out. You could also quickly jot down some contextual information you already know before moving on to the documents, but if you can’t remember any right then, move on to the docs and let them jog your memory.

It’s fine to have a general idea of help gcse a thesis after you read the question, but if you don’t, move on to the docs and let them guide you in the right direction. Next, move on to the we do an essay, documents. Mark them as you read—circle things that seem important, jot thoughts and notes in coursework the margins. After you’ve passed over the documents once, you should choose the write a descriptive, four documents you are going to analyze more deeply and read them again. You probably won’t be analyzing the gcse, author’s purpose for sources like maps and charts. Good choices are documents in which the editing english, author’s social or political position and coursework, stake in essays of anorexia the issue at hand are clear. Get ready to go down the document rabbit hole. Once you’ve read the question and you have preliminary notes on the documents, it’s time to help gcse, start working on a thesis. If you still aren’t sure what to talk about, spend a minute or so brainstorming. Write down themes and concepts that seem important and create a thesis from essay economy those.

Remember, your thesis needs to gcse, answer the book, question and make a claim! When you’ve got a thesis, it’s time to work on an outline . Once you’ve got some appropriate topics for gcse your body paragraphs, use your notes on school the documents to populate your outline. Which documents support which ideas? You don’t need to use every little thought you had about the coursework gcse, document when you read it, but you should be sure to use every document. Here's three things to we do an essay, make sure of: Make sure your outline notes where you are going to include your contextual information (often placed in help the first body paragraph, but this is up to you), your specific example (likely in one of the editing english, body paragraphs), and your synthesis (the conclusion is a good place for this).

Make sure you’ve also integrated the four documents you are going to further analyze and how to analyze them. Make sure you use all the documents! I can’t stress this enough. Gcse? Take a quick pass over your outline and essay world crisis, the docs and make sure all of the docs appear in your outline. If you go over the planning time a couple of help minutes, it’s not the end of the world. Editing English? This probably just means you have a really thorough outline! But be ready to write pretty fast. Writing the coursework, Essay - 40 min. If you have a good outline, the hard part is out of the way! You just need to make sure you get all of of anorexia your great ideas down in the test booklet.

Don’t get too bogged down in writing a super-exciting introduction. You won’t get points for it, so trying to be fancy will just waste time. Spend maybe one or two sentences introducing the issue, then get right to your thesis. For your body paragraphs, make sure your topic sentences clearly state the point of the paragraph . Then you can get right into your evidence and help gcse, your document analysis. As you write, make sure to keep an eye on the time. You want to be a little more than halfway through at the 20-minute mark of the writing period, so you have a couple minutes to high, go back and edit your essay at the end.

Keep in mind that it’s more important to clearly lay out coursework help, your argument than to use flowery language. Sentences that are shorter and to the point are completely fine. If you are short on time, the conclusion is the least important part of your essay . Even just one sentence to global crisis, wrap things up is fine just so long as you’ve hit all the points you need to (i.e. don’t skip your conclusion if you still need to put in your synthesis example). When you are done, make one last past through your essay. Make sure you included everything that was in coursework help gcse your outline and hit all the rubric skills! Then take a deep breath and pat yourself on world global economy crisis the back. You did it!! Have a cupcake to coursework gcse, celebrate. I realize I've bombarded you with information, so here are the coursework help gcse, key points to take away: Remember the help gcse, drill for prep: establish a baseline, build skills, take another practice DBQ, repeat skill-building as necessary. Make sure that you know the rubric inside and out so you will remember to hit all the essay world economy, necessary points on test day!

It’s easy to lose points just for coursework forgetting something like your synthesis point. On test day, keep yourself on track time-wise ! This may seem like a lot, but you can learn how to ace your DBQ! With a combination of preparation and good test-taking strategy, you will get the score you’re aiming for. The more you practice, the more natural it will seem, until every DBQ is a breeze. If you want more information about the editing english, DBQ, see my introductory guide to the DBQ. Haven't registered for the test yet? See our article for help registering for coursework help gcse AP exams. For more on studying for the AP US History exam, check out the best AP US History notes to study with. Studying for essays of anorexia World History?

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La famille St. Help? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. everalice le Jeu 11 Juil 2013 - 20:53. Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales. de Sarah MacLean. Titre VO : Eleven Scandals to book reports high school, Start to coursework, Win a Duke's Heart. Presentation (Trad everalice) Temeraire, impulsive, et attirant les ennuis, juliana Fiori n'est pas une de ces miss minaudieres. Editing English? Elle refuse de se plier aux regles de la bonne societe : elle dit ce qu'elle pense, n'a que faire de l'assentiment du Beau Monde, et elle sait donner un coup de poing avec une remarquable efficacite. Help? Sa nature scandaleuse fait d'elle l'objet favori des cancans londoniens. We Do An Essay? et c'est precisement ce genre de femme que le Duc de Leighton desire voir tres tres eloignee de lui. Le scandale est la derniere chose qui puisse avoir une place quelconque dans le monde bien ordonne de Simon Pearson.

Le Duc du Dedain est bien trop determine a preserver son titre de toute tache et a proteger son secret. Help? Mais lorsqu'il trouve Juliana cachee dans son attelage un soir a une heure tardive - mettant en peril tout ce qui lui est cher - il se jure bien d'enseigner a cette beaute intrepide la vertu de la bienseance. cependant, elle a d'autres projets ; elle veut deux semaines pour lui prouver que meme un duc imperturbable n'est pas au-dessus des lois de la passion. everalice Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 29/10/2012. Re: La famille St. Coursework? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Soledad le Ven 12 Juil 2013 - 7:53. Soledad Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 30/05/2012. Humeur : « Une heure de lecture est le souverain remede contre les degouts de la vie. Gcse? » Montesquieu.

Re: La famille St. Of Anorexia? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. everalice le Ven 12 Juil 2013 - 9:31. Si tu veux avoir une idee plus precise de la chose, tu trouveras quelques petits extraits du tome 1, du tome 2, et du tome 3. everalice Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 29/10/2012. Re: La famille St. Gcse? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Soledad le Ven 12 Juil 2013 - 12:55. Si tu veux avoir une idee plus precise de la chose, tu trouveras quelques petits extraits du tome 1, du tome 2, et du tome 3. Merci c'est gentil ! Soledad Imperatrice des passions.

Date d'inscription : 30/05/2012. Humeur : « Une heure de lecture est le souverain remede contre les degouts de la vie. Editing English? » Montesquieu. Re: La famille St. Help Gcse? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. everalice le Sam 13 Juil 2013 - 16:03. S'acclimater. We Do An Essay? Se plier aux regles et aux usages totalement inconnus d'un monde aussi hermetique que l'est l'aristocratie anglaise, se faire accepter,aimer, garder, reconnaitre. Coursework Help? Parler les memes langages, ceux du corps et de l'esprit. We Do An Essay? Juliana, a l'image de la famille ST.John tout juste toleree, se bat et se battra tout au long du roman pour y parvenir. Coursework Help Gcse? Sans reculer.

Sans renoncer. We Do An Essay? Avec conviction et acharnement. Coursework Gcse? Intelligence, courage, vivacite. World Global Crisis? Humour et grace. Coursework Help Gcse? Et si elle accepte de rester en Angleterre, dans ce milieu si acharnee a la rabaisser, c'est pour une cause absolue : la rencontre, racontee dans le tome 1, avec le duc de Leighton, l'a convaincue de tout faire pour etre autre chose a ses yeux qu'un walking scandal. Simon Pearson, duc de Leighton, est le parangon de la bienseance, le summun de la perfection hautement aristocratique, tout en blondeur viking et en arrogance sure de sa superiorite. Editing English? Il ne jure que par son nom, la valeur et la puissance de sa famille, auxquelles on coursework gcse l'a deja vu sacrifier dans le tome 2 une affection reelle.

La sainte trinite de la tradition, de la reputation et du titre sont son credo absolu. Essays Of Anorexia? Froid, arrogant, juge des imperfections d'autrui, il se mefie comme de la peste de cette ingerable Miss Fiori, objet de scandales. Coursework? Mais le tome 1, qui nous avait rendus temoins de leur premiere rencontre, avait omis de raconter la deuxieme, celle qui a fait la difference, celle dans laquelle Spoiler: Lui pense qu'elle est the opposite we do an essay, of everything he represented, the coursework antithesis of coursework everything he cared to help, have in essay world crisis his world. Bref, que dire de plus? C'est une recette parfaite, encore une fois, qui vaut une deuxieme note parfaite pour cette serie parfaite. Coursework Help? Maitre-mot de mon avis? everalice Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 29/10/2012. Re: La famille St.

John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Miss So le Jeu 18 Juil 2013 - 11:00. Miss So Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 23/12/2011. Re: La famille St. Creative Book School? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. everalice le Jeu 18 Juil 2013 - 11:30. Roooh que oui, je ne peux que que te recommander cette serie , c'est ma grande decouverte du mois, elle est extraordinaire, je regrette meme de l'avoir deja lue. everalice Imperatrice des passions.

Date d'inscription : 29/10/2012. Re: La famille St. Coursework Gcse? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. winry le Lun 11 Nov 2013 - 20:17. winry Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 04/07/2012. Humeur : ma pal se transforme en hal, c'est grave docteur ? Re: La famille St. We Do An Essay? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. everalice le Lun 11 Nov 2013 - 21:22. J'en garde un souvenir emerveille. Coursework Help? Du coup, tu me donnes envie de les relire.

everalice Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 29/10/2012. Re: La famille St. Editing English? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. winry le Lun 11 Nov 2013 - 22:01. winry Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 04/07/2012. Humeur : ma pal se transforme en hal, c'est grave docteur ? Re: La famille St.

John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Romy le Ven 16 Mai 2014 - 8:42. Certes, elle veut retrouver l'homme qu'elle a entrevu par deux fois (dont la premiere est decrite dans le tome 1), certes elle veut lui montrer tout l'absurde de son comportement. Help? Certes elle l'aime mais pffiiiioouuuu . Et puis elle prend tout de suite en grippe Lady Penelope (la future heroine du tome 1 des flambeurs) et connaissant la suite de l'histoire de Penelope, j'avais juste envie de lui coller des baffes. Il y a pas mal de jeux de mots bases sur le fait que Julianna est italienne (j'avoue ne pas tous les avoir compris). Of Packingtown? J'aurai aime que les scenes de tendresses arrivent un peu plus vite . Gcse? tout est concentre sur le dernier tiers du livre mais c'est du bon. Date d'inscription : 12/05/2013. Re: La famille St. We Do An Essay? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Bookinette le Dim 1 Juin 2014 - 9:21. Et quel plaisir de revoir tous les protagonistes de la serie : Gabriel, Nicolas, Callie, Isabelle et Benedict (je continue de penser que ce dernier meriterait un tome, j’espere qu’un jour prochain Sarah MacLean se penchera sur son sort. Help Gcse? ) Je suis prete pour d’autres decouvertes en VO (un petit conseil ? S achant que mon genre de predilection est incontestablement la romance historique. Of Anorexia? ) Bookinette Imperatrice des passions.

Date d'inscription : 03/05/2014. Localisation : region de Toulouse. Humeur : ¦ Reyes addict ¦¦ Scott Eastwood addict ¦ Re: La famille St. Coursework Help? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. winry le Lun 19 Sep 2016 - 13:56. J'avais lu toute la serie en anglais, et c'etait formidable.

Celles qui ne lisent pas en anglais vont pouvoir decouvrir des pepites. winry Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 04/07/2012. Humeur : ma pal se transforme en hal, c'est grave docteur ? Re: La famille St. We Do An Essay? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. oyambres le Jeu 27 Oct 2016 - 16:17.

oyambres Danseuse emerite. Date d'inscription : 29/03/2014. Localisation : ile de france. Re: La famille St. Coursework? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Invite le Mer 9 Nov 2016 - 21:21.

Mlle Juliana Fiori 20 ans, a ete abandonnee par sa mere a l'age de dix ans, fille unique de Sergio Fiori un riche marchand italien, elle a vecu avec son pere, jusqu'a sa mort, a la lecture du testament, elle apprend qu'elle a deux demi-freres aines issus de sa mere et doit aller vivre a Londres avec eux selon, la derniere volonte de son pere. Si ses freres Gabriel St. Creative Reports High? John marquis de Ralston ( voir La Famille St. Coursework Gcse? John T 1 : L'amour en 9 defis de Sarah MacLean ) et son jumeau lord Nicholas St. Of Anorexia? John (voir La Famille St. Coursework Gcse? John T 2 : L'amour en 10 lecons de Sarah MacLean ) accueillent cette jeune et tres belle demi-soeur au caractere passionne, impulsif et direct, a bras ouverts ; il en va-tout autrement de la societe aristocratique de Londres qui, la meprise ouvertement pour deux raisons, son pere etait un roturier et sa mere est la scandaleuse marquise de Ralston, une tres belle aristocrate, qui a quitte l'Angleterre une vingtaine d'annee plus tot pour le continent, en abandonnons ses fils jumeaux Gabriel et Nicholas St. Creative Reports? John ages alors d'une dizaine d'annees ainsi que son epoux feu le marquis de Ralston qui en est mort de chagrin, un comportement scandaleux qui a deshonorer le nom de la famille St. Coursework Help? John et briser une famille.

Quelques jours plus tard, nos deux heros se rencontrent encore une fois pendant une exposition, Juliana sait maintenant que Simon Pearson est le duc de Leighton, mais lors de leur petit flirt elle ne lui revele toujours pas qu'elle est la demi-s?ur des St.John. Simon Pearson surnomme Le Duc Dedaigneux a desire la belle et mysterieuse Italienne des le premier jour ou il la rencontre, elle est jeune, petillante et tres differente des poupees de porcelaine que les matrones de la haute societe defilent sous son nez dans l'espoir que leurs filles deviennent duchesse, il reve meme un moment que cette magnifique etrangere exotique est precisement le genre de femme qui correspond au duche de Leighton, un bijou de future duchesse. Dans le deuxieme livre de la serie, Simon accompagne de sa mere la duchesse de Leighton lors d'un bal, decouvre que la seduisante Juliana n'est autre que la fille de la scandaleuse marquise de Ralston et d'un obscure commercant italien, non seulement, le pretentieux duc n'adresse pas la parole a la jeune fille et l'ignore, mais en plus, il n'hesite pas a jeter froidement un commentaire meprisant en insultant ouvertement ses origines inferieures et sa naissance douteuse. Dans cette troisieme romance le guinde et rigide duc de Leighton se retrouve dans une situation cauchemardesque, il sait que des que la societe apprendra le secret sur sa petite soeur Georgiana 17 ans , leur reputation si irreprochable depuis onze generations sera irremediablement, eclaboussee, par un enorme et terrible opprobre que jamais leur illustre et prestigieuse famille n'a subi. Dans l'espoir de sauver la notoriete sans tache des Leighton, mais surtout de distancer le scandale avant qu'il n'eclate, la douairiere duchesse de Leighton, une vieille femme glaciale et arrogante, ordonne alors a son fils Simon de demander en mariage et d'epouser au plus vite Lady Penelope Marbury, la fille du marquis de Needham et Dolby, une tres ancienne lignee aristocratique irreprochable et indiscutable, car quand la decheance qui pese sur la famille Leighton eclatera, le dedaigneux et hautain Simon aura besoin du soutien d'une famille puissante et de sa caste pour etouffer le raz-de-maree qui les menaces. Un soir de bal chez Calpurnia, la marquise de Ralston, belle-soeur de Juliana, cette derniere se trouve confrontee aux avances salaces de lord Grabeham dans les jardins de Ralston House, voulons a tout prix echapper au grossier personnage sans causer de scandale a sa famille, Juliana se cache dans le premier carrosse a sa porter, helas, son proprietaire n'est autre que le duc de Leighton, ce dernier bouffi de son importance accuse, la belle italienne de vouloir le pieger afin de se faire epouser, puis enfonce le clou, et lui dit de se rappeler qui elle est ; que sa place a cote de lui ne pourra jamais etre celle d'une epouse, mais tout juste de maitresse ou alors qu'elle retourne chez elle en Italie. Furieuse contre ses accusations injustes et ses insultes cinglantes, Juliana cherche un moyen de mettre a genoux l'odieux Simon, alors quand ce dernier lance dans une tirade inflexible : il n’y a pas de place pour la passion dans un bon mariage anglais. J’ai un titre, une famille, une reputation a proteger. Essay Economy? Sans compter que je suis bien au-dessus de ces desirs vils et… communs.

La frondeuse Juliana determine a demontrer au froid personnage imbu de lui-meme qu'on ne peut pas vivre sans la passion et les sentiments, lui lance le defi qu'au bout de deux semaines, elle lui prouvera, une provocation que releve Le Duc dedaigneux persuader qu'il va donner une bonne lecon a cette beaute insouciante au rang social inferieur mais qui ose briser les regles de la bonne societe. J'aime bien Juliana, cette rebelle qui refuse de jouer selon, les regles rigides et hypocrites de la societe aristocratique londonienne et qui dit ce qu'il pense sans se soucier des commeres avides de cracher leur fiel. Juliana est une heroine simple et genereuse qui cache sous une facade d'eternelle insoumise une ame blessee par Spoiler: Je pense franchement qu'elle merite mieux que ce refrigerant duc de pacotille. Simon, cet irritant heros trop arrogant et glacial ne m'a pas accroche son obsession maladive de preserver sa sacro-sainte reputation irreprochable au-dela de tout meme au detriment de sa petite s?ur m'a carrement ec?ure, puis ses reparties blessantes et odieuses envers l'heroine m'ont fait grincer les dents plus d'une fois, meme si a la fin, il change de caractere, j'ai cette impression qui reste en moi , que de toute facon, il n'avait plus le choix et qu'il a fait simplement fait contre mauvaise fortune bon c?ur. Benedick Hartwell, le comte d'Allendale, genereux et doux en plus d'etre un merveilleux preux chevalier egal a lui-meme comme dans les tomes precedents mon chouchou encore une fois de cette serie! La duchesse douairiere de Leighton, la mere de Simon, whooo, je n'apprecie pas Simon, en meme temps avoir pour mere une femme aussi glacante qu'un isberg lui donne quand meme une part d'excuses. Louisa St. Help Gcse? John Fiori, la mere de Juliana, Gabriel et Nick, une femme indigne d'etre mere, avec une pierre a la place du c?ur, interessee, inconstante, arriviste, c'est vraiment un personnage secondaire immonde et detestable. Lady Penelope Marbury la fiancee de Simon m'a emu et fait de la peine quelle horrible vie que d'etre choisie pour epouse comme une pouliniere au bon pedigree!

Georgiana la petite s?ur de Simon ; une genereuse et admirable jeune fille a l'abnegation admirable ! Une romance facile a lire sans complications qui m'a fait passer un moment divertissant, des scenes humoristiques, des joutes verbales savoureuses et croustillantes, un recit simple, sans beaucoup d'intrigues, l'apparition de la mere indigne a apporter un plus a l'intrigue de ma lecture. Deux personnages secondaires m'ont beaucoup accroche que les heros eux-memes malgre leur tres breve apparition, la douce Georgiana et l'ideal Benedict Hartwell, ahh Benni mon chouchou coup de c?ur encore une fois dans cette serie ! . Et pour finir, c'etait sympa de rencontrer les heros tomes precedents. Re: La famille St. Creative Reports High? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. asgri36 le Dim 13 Nov 2016 - 16:41.

asgri36 Danseuse emerite. Date d'inscription : 18/11/2014. Re: La famille St. Coursework Gcse? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Ceylyne le Sam 7 Jan 2017 - 17:21. Ceylyne Reine de la saison. Date d'inscription : 28/01/2014. Re: La famille St. Of Packingtown? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. Agalactiae le Ven 10 Fev 2017 - 17:55. Monsieur le Duc, he bien apres avoir eu un apercu de lui dans le second tome, j’avais vraiment hate de le voir evoluer avec Juliana et surtout voir comment celle-ci allait s’y prendre pour faire fondre la glace.

J’aime le caractere de Juliana, elle ne se laisse pas marcher sur les pieds et tient tete a tous ces bourgeois medisants. On apprend a apprecier de plus en plus au fil de la lecture Simon, il a un beau c?ur apres tout et meme s’il resiste tant bien que mal, il fond pour sa douce italienne. Gcse? Ils sont touchants tous les deux, j’ai vraiment aime leur couple ! Chacune de leur rencontre est delicieuse… Agalactiae Reine de la saison. Date d'inscription : 16/12/2015.

Re: La famille St. We Do An Essay? John - Tome 3 : L'amour en 11 scandales de Sarah MacLean. mabi le Ven 17 Fev 2017 - 22:50. Julianna soutient l'histoire a bout de bras. Coursework Gcse? Elle est touchante dans ses efforts pour rendre Simon plus humain. Creative School? Heureusement que la s?ur de celui-ci y met son grain de sel, sinon on gcse courrait a la catastrophe. Par contre, la presence des deux couples precedents donne de la profondeur a cette histoire. Editing English? Il n'est pas facile d'etre la petite s?ur de deux libertins repentis!

mabi Imperatrice des passions. Date d'inscription : 26/08/2011. Localisation : En train de faire baisser ma Montagne A Lire (enfin, j'essaye!) C'est mal barre. Help? :( Humeur : J'ai decide d'etre heureuse, c'est bon pour la sante!